At Home Activities

In this time of social distancing from friends and family, here are some maritime themed projects to keep you and your families entertained and engaged. Share your projects on social media with #HerreshoffFromHome and we might highlight your work on our website. Don’t forget to tag and follow us @herreshoff on Facebook and Instagram.

Keeping Cool Onboard 

A little bit about the international ice trade and refrigeration on HMCo. built boats - but most importantly, a simple ice cream recipe!

Fancy Knotwork 

Following up on our tutorial to tie your own bracelet, explore some other decorative knots that were a wildly popular way for sailors to pass the time onboard.

Paper Boats 

Build yourself a little double ender!

Putt Putt Boats 

How about we make a putt putt boat? It is a miniature steam boat you can make at home from things in the recycling bin. With some basic tools you will be on your way to being a steam boat engineer just Like Captain Nat.

Grow “Ice” Crystals 

In keeping with today's arctic theme, a chance to grow your own "ice" crystals

Color Your Own 12 ½ 

Print this page at home and color your own 12½!

Baking Powder Biscuits and Switchel 

Two more sailors recipes to try at home and enjoy while sitting in the sun on your porch or in your backyard

A Sailor’s Life for Me: a virtual voyage on Old Ironsides 

Another virtual voyaging game, this time with more rats, chamber pots and cannon balls! From our friends at the USS Constitution Museum

Design a Personal Signal 

Learn about communicating at a safe distance with code flags and private signals, and design your own to send a message to others while staying far away

Sailors Bracelets 

Instructions to make your own cotton bracelet at home

A Herreshoff Themed Word Search 

See how many Herreshoff related words you can dig up in this HMCo. themed word search to complete online or print at home!

Rubber Band Powered Boats 

Build a rubber band powered boat for your pool, sink or bathtub! Four different projects for builders of all ages

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