Lecture Videos

Lecture Video: “Rediscovering Herreshoff: A New Look at a Unique Boatbuilding Enterprise” 

by Maynard Bray September 20, 1994

2002 Rendezvous 

"The Time Machines" A Video Scrapbook, August 2002

Lecture Video: From WESTWARD to ELEONORA: The Great Herreshoff Racing Schooners 

Halsey C. Herreshoff on The Great Herreshoff Racing Schooners

Lecture Video: Halsey C. Herreshoff on the Herreshoff Centennial Classes of 1914 

Halsey C. Herreshoff on the Herreshoff Centennial Classes

Lecture Video: “Hold Fast” by Marshall Highet & Bird Stasz Jones 

The authors will discuss the process of writing collaboratively, doing historical research, and transforming a paragraph from an 1886 family chronicle into an adventure story for young readers.

Lecture Video: “Ahab’s Rolling Sea: A Natural History of ‘Moby Dick'” 

Although Herman Melville’s "Moby-Dick" is beloved as one of the most profound and enduring works of American fiction, we rarely consider it a work of nature writing—or even a novel of the sea.

Peter Isler’s Web Wednesdays 

A Night at the Museum: Backstage at the Herreshoff Marine Museum Brought to you by the American Sailing Association

Lecture Video: “Setting Sail In America: The Remarkable Story of Herreshoff S Class Sailboats” 

Setting Sail in America is an homage to the Class, and takes the reader on a compelling journey through the history of the S boat- a journey that visits milestones in American society, politics, business, and social life.

Lecture Video: “Pirate Ghosts And Phantom Ships Of New England” 

New England is rich with stories and legends of ghost ships and pirates long dead. Blackbeard, Sandy Gordon, Captain Kidd and many more once called the region home; and still do. Phantom ships continue to roam the waters of the New England coast. Some mysteriously abandoned while other vanished never to be seen again, in the physical form anyway.

#GivingTuesdayNow Video 

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. #GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of unity on May 5, 2020, as a response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. Click here to donate.

WoodenBoat Live: A Conversation with HMM’s Evelyn Ansel 

April 23, 2020WoodenBoat Live: A Conversation with Evelyn AnselA previously recorded live discussion between WoodenBoat Senior Editor Matt Murphy and HMM Curatorial Associate Evelyn Ansel about the Lima Project, maritime museums, and growing up around boatbuilders.This interview was recorded Wednesday, April 22, 3:30 PM EST as a Facebook Live Event; original WoodenBoat event description as […]

Lecture: “Hull 341: The Navy-Curtiss Flying Boat, First Across the Atlantic” 

Captain Kent Lewis, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired) is designated an Unrestricted Naval Aviator who flew four types of rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.

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