June 24, 2021

Steam Launch Blog #56

June 11, 2019: Preparations are underway to turn the boat!

June 11, 2019

Preparations are underway to turn the boat. Frames were unfastened from the base and many molds could simply be twisted and removed. We'll leave just a few at critical pinch points to keep the boat in shape while lifting and turning.

The boat is very light (and very flexible). We were easily able to lift ends to place blocks underneath. As you can see Jim isn't straining too much and Rick and Dutch don't seem to be in much hurry to place the cribbing. Still another side to go, Jim, before you can stand easy! With the boat resting on raised cribbing, Rick, Ed and George pulled the base out from underneath.

Jim was sent inside to remove the remaining pesky molds, and it is now looking very canoe-like, almost fragile.

Having mentioned George and Jim who are relatively new to the team, I'm always amazed how new blood always seems to arrive at the most appropriate times. Guys like these always seem to invigorate the old-timers and it is much fun!

Similarly, problems whether in approach, process or tools just seem to naturally resolve themselves if left to percolate sufficiently which means for me I have to start the percolation process early enough to enable the crew to understand the issue, let percolation happen, and then some form of consensus emerge before I weigh-in on how we'll proceed! Something like trying to get a college faculty to agree and move forward.