June 3, 2021

Steam Launch Blog #55

Mid June 2019: Marking the Waterline

Blue painters tape is used to mark the Water Line

Mid June 2019

OK, the varnish budget has been consumed so we must be finished. It is so spectacular that the lads do not want a bottom paint coat. So, we'll just make a boot top stripe to mark the L.W.L.

Here's where the pros really come in handy. Vinnie brought his laser set up. We ensured the boat was absolutely level fore and aft and beam to beam and then marked the L.W.L. at bow and stern. Laser agreed with plans at bow, midships and stern. Laser marks were registered on barn door at right and post at stern, etc. so when we moved laser around we'd keep registration. Vinnie and Captain Kelly lay out masking tape, and then crew painted several coats of white. All done! Ready to turn boat over