March 4, 2021

Steam Launch Blog #44

Late February to early March 2019: Work on the second strake begins.

Late February to early March 2019

Work on the second strake begins. After we've fitted the plank to conform to hull shape. we work from the center of the boat to the ends, screwing everything in place as we go. Portside strake will actually require three planks, as we were limited in our supply of longer planks. No problem, just a little more effort to make sure there is a fair run along the bottom edge.

You can see in the last photo that as the plank is forced against the curve of the hull it will now curl upward for snug fit. You'll also note the severe twist as the broad hull midships narrows and at the same time flares and tapers at the bow. Mahogany is much stiffer and unforgiving than cedar, and certainly did not like these twists! All of which made it more difficult to make fine adjustments with plane and then hold everything tightly in place while screwing the plank down. Can't have any gaps in this double planked masterpiece!

Our evening pros readily volunteered to focus on this section while the daytime crew focused back aft where there was much less twist. They would partially screwed the plank in place ensuring total fit, then unscrew, shellac and fully screw it in place; seemed to work best.