February 18, 2021

Steam Launch Blog #43

February 2019: Mahogany planking starts and excitement builds.

Mahogany planking starts and excitement builds. The process is much the same as for cedar planking, but we need to be very conscious of overlapping at center of cedar planks and avoiding underlying screws. For this layer we'll also need to slightly countersink the screws - carefully since the planking is only 1/4" thick!

Unlike single layer at sheer, garboard and broad strakes which has bungs, the mahogany screw holes will be puttied over - per Herreshoff Rules.

We've mixed our thick shellac and spread layer on underside of plank and onto the cedar, much like using contact cement. Interesting how sticky and strong a bond when dry. That's Rick applying the sticky mess. Other volunteers have delegated the task to him: they're worried about cleaning their hands and clothes afterwards, but posed the chore as a great opportunity for promotion!