May 7, 2020

Steam Launch Blog #19

November 2016 - A platform to erect the molds

November 2016

As part of the team worked on oak keel and stem parts, Bern built a 2" x 10" platform 28' long on which to erect our molds; we could not of course attach the molds directly to the concrete floor. He painstakingly made sure everything was plumb, level and square, and we marked every leg on the concrete to make sure it remained calibrated. Soon we had all the molds erected and squared, feeling quite triumphant.

You'll note that we've been working in an alcove while WEE WINN restoration took place in the center area. When WEE WINN completed we determined to move $199 into the center where there was more room and spots with which to later attach lifting tackle. And yes, we did squeeze the whole thing between the posts, but what a herculean effort to replumb everything. NEVER AGAIN, Jethro! 

We did entice Eric to squeeze in and make minor adjustments. It was easier to get in than out!