August 20, 2020

Rope Grommets

A tutorial on making rope grommets

This week's At Home Activity builds on some of the same skills from two weeks ago when we learned how to splice three strand rope. This week we want to share an easy-to-follow video tutorial on making grommets out of rope. A grommet is a never-ending loop made out of a single strand of a three-strand rope. These loops are useful for all sorts of things, like soft oarlocks when used with thole pins to strops for wooden blocks. We're guessing you could come up with all sorts of other ways to use grommets!

For this project you will need three-strand rope or heavy cotton cord and scissors. Masking tape is optional to keep your ends neat. Keep in mind that while you need a piece of rope that is about three to four times the length of your finished grommet circumference, that same piece of rope will make three grommets total! This is because you are un-laying the rope and using each of the three strands for one grommet. Click the video below to follow along at home!

Supplies: three strand rope or heavy cord, scissors, masking tape

As always, feel free to share your results with us by email at lima @, tag us on Instagram @herreshoff or upload a photo to our Facebook page. We love seeing what you make! If you're enjoying these marlinspike seamanship themed activities, check out our other posts on bracelets and macrame, or check out other knots in this e-book "Knots, Spices and Rope Work: a practical treatise" by A. Hyatt Verrill, digitized by Project Gutenberg.

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  1. Jackalgirl April 28, 2024 Reply

    Thanks so much for this — I’d found some other YouTube videos on how to do this but they’re much too “clean” (in the sense of: they only show you the process working perfectly). Your video goes into more details about what to look for, and troubleshooting issues, which of course since this is fiber with a twist, you are probably going to encounter (because twist + fiber = eldritch weirdness). Much appreciated!

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