September 23, 2021

1920 America’s Cup Video Playlist

A playlist of America's Cup footage featuring RESOLUTE and SHAMROCK IV

To add a little live context to the C. Sherman Hoyt article, we've assembled a compilation of film footage from the 1920s America's Cup. Check out this playlist to see how Hoyt's report played out in real time. The America's Cup races that eventually took place in 1920 were originally slated to take place in 1914. However, the start of WWI put the races on hold, and both RESOLUTE and SHAMROCK IV were laid up for the duration of the war, which is why this playlist starts in the early teens and extends through the 1920s. If you would like to learn more about what was going on at HMCo. by the time RESOLUTE and SHAMROCK IV finally raced for the Cup in 1920, check out some of our previous "From the Vault" and Curator's Log posts. You can also read more about HMCo. and WWI here.