Hull No: HMCo. #732

1914 Sloop

Length Over All: 26′ 7″
Length Water Line: 21′ 9″
Draft: 2′ 7.5″
Beam: 7′ 11″
Rig: gaff sloop

SADIE is part of a beloved family of boats that Captain Nat designed at the peak of his career. It was a busy time for the naval architect, and just as busy for the yard: this was the very same year that HMCo. was producing everything from the ubiquitous 12 1/2 to the Cup defender RESOLUTE (HMCo. #725)


HMM founder Halsey Herreshoff described SADIE’s origins as follows: “… After Capt. Nat first sailed ALERION III in the windy water domains of Bermuda, upon his return home, my father asked his father how he liked the new boat. My Dad told me the reply was ‘Fine, but she is awful damn wet, but I’ll fix that.’ He did not actually change ALERION III, but when asked to produce a near sistership, which is the SADIE, now a property of the Museum on display here, he did make significant changes. The underbody of SADIE is nearly identical to that of ALERION, but the bow is drawn out longer by 6in., there is more wave shedding flair forward and the on-deck beam of SADIE was made 4in. more – all these changes to produce the same fine sailing small yacht but making her less wet for the crew sailing in a chop — ‘I’ll fix that.’ …”


This important boat was acquired by HMM in 1990 from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, and is on display in the Hall of Boats not so far from Captain Nat’s PLEASURE.



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