October 20, 2021

Steam Launch Blog #58

The team continues to find a solution to flipping over the boat. June 18, 2019, AM

June 18, 2019, AM

I'd consulted with our Bill, an old-time boat builder, and Dan Shea, master boat-builder in Bldg. 26, about their processes for turning boats over. (Both the same). Dan noted that HMCo Building #26 and #28 low-bay areas had holes strategically placed in beams overhead, as seen in the first picture. This enabled HMCo workers multiple lifting points for any occasion.

We found the eye bolts in storage in Building #30, placed these in our selected holes, and borrowing two sets of chain falls we were all set to go. The boat was lifted off the cribbing and placed on mover's dollies so the boat could be centered underneath the chain falls.