July 16, 2020

Steam Launch Blog #28

October 2018 - Sheer comes out of the Steam Box

October 2018

We may not have needed to steam our sheer planks, but the lads are always up for a good "steam up' and opportunity to steam some clams! In the end I'm glad we did for our bow molds are not nailed to floor and force of the sheer would pull the bow out of alignment. We had to play each sheer plank against the other to keep the bow in its place. Steaming made the forces more manageable.

John pulls the sheer out of the steam box, John, Ed, and I carry the steaming piece to its place, then all three clamp it to the marked sheer lines. We'll fit it later after it dries. Meanwhile another crew starts the other side. Our sheer planks are two sections aside and will be jointed together with backer blocks.