This Week in Herreshoff History began as a weekly column in March 2020 as part of the Code Flag Lima project and continued through March 2021. It has grown into a sprawling collection of posts drawing upon archival material from many museums and archives (including our own) as well as the digital archive of the local paper, the Bristol Phoenix. Over the course of a year, it has really given us a sense of what life was like day in and day out in Bristol between the 1860s and 1945, and what was going on week by week at HMCo. through more than 60 years of operation.

Every day, archives both privately and publicly held are being made increasingly available to the public online. From our perspective at HMM, this is particularly exciting because many pieces of the HMCo. legacy are physically held in different locations and collections, both public and private. Digital access to other collections has afforded us the opportunity to bring together elements of a story that have been separated for more than a hundred years in some cases. The wave of recent digitization helps us tell these stories with more context than ever. The incredible work and generosity of researchers and institutions holding and interpreting this legacy – like the Herreshoff Catalog Raisonné, the MIT Museum’s Haffenreffer-Herreshoff CollectionHistoric New England’s Stebbins collection, the Library of Congress digital archives, the Bristol Phoenix and so many others – have allowed us to bring you so many of these Code Flag Lima stories. In fact, there isn’t a single Lima post that has not relied on the work of others in some way. While drawing these threads from different collections together is an evolving, never-ending project, the process of digital reassembly and subsequent discovery is one that brings the real HMCo. fanatics a great deal of satisfaction and delight. We hope that this project in particular has also served as an entry point for those who were not already part of the choir.

Today, we want to thank you again for following along with this yearlong experiment. We will definitely continue to explore this material ourselves and think about how we can continue to make accessible connections to other collections near and far. For now in looking back over our year of posts, we decided to give you one last “discovery” option for exploring this material: we took some big themes into consideration that seemed to appear frequently, did some basic indexing of our entire year’s worth of TWHH posts so you can now explore them by a few subjects. Click here to explore all TWHH posts indexed by a few basic subject headings. If you still prefer to explore the original posts by date, you will always be able to view the This Week in Herreshoff History posts in order of publication. And don’t worry! We’ll be back in two weeks with a new variation on the same theme, and some brand new content for this next year.