Half Hull Carving Workshop

Join us for a two day workshop to learn the fundamentals of half model carving with Walter Ansel. Each student will have an opportunity to work on their own lift model from pre-assembled blanks, and will leave the class with a fully carved model ready for mounting and finishing at home. We will talk through the basics of researching and acquiring plans, choosing materials, creating your own blank from lines drawings, and glue-up preparation. Each student will practice carving a half model with hand tools, from gouges and rasps to planes and sandpaper. We will discuss options for different finishing and mounting techniques. This class includes a tour of the HMM Model Room, where we will look at Captain Nat’s own half models and his historic collection of hand tools.

This full-day workshop is held on the Herreshoff Marine Museum campus in the historic HMCo. shop buildings.

This workshop is for Adults 21+ and is limited to 10 participants. A Minimum of 6 students is required to run the workshop.

Tuition: TBD

Date: TBD

Contact Education Director, Kirk Cusic, for questions: [email protected]