Induction Class of 2012

Jonathan Wright


1948 -

Jonathan Wright (b 1948) is one of the unsung champions of the12-Metre era in America's Cup history. A three-time winner of the America’s Cup, Wright crewed in five campaigns over 13 years trimming the sails on the 12 Metres COURAGEOUS (1974), INDEPENDENCE (1977), FREEDOM (1980), LIBERTY (1983), and STARS & STRIPES (1987). In addition to his sailing expertise, Jon worked with skipper Dennis Conner from 1985 until 1987 in recruiting 25 sailors who won the Louis Vuitton Cup in Fremantle, Australia on their first attempt; and were ultimately successful in returning America’s Cup to the United States. Jon has also been a champion of the America’s Cup by giving numerous talks about his experiences and spreading the message about the magic of the Cup to audiences around the United States.