Induction Class of 2000

Edward I. du Moulin


1914 - 2006

Edward I. du Moulin was involved in the management of more America's Cup campaigns than anyone in the history of the Cup. From the time his interest was piqued by observation of the 1937 defense of RANGER over ENDEAVOR II, Ed has had an abiding interest in the America's Cup. In 1977, du Moulin managed ENTERPRISE in her unsuccessful attempt to be selected as Cup Defender. Then in 1980, he managed Dennis Conner's very successful defense of the Cup in FREEDOM over AUSTRALIA. This was a landmark defense with an outstanding yacht and crew and a pace-setting two-boat defense campaign. Manager again in 1983 with the yacht LIBERTY, du Moulin again performed brilliantly, as did others in that defense, but the Cup was lost to Australia sailing its breakthrough 12 Meter AUSTRALIA II. In 1987 the combination of Dennis Conner as skipper, Malin Burnham as manager and Ed du Moulin as advisor brought the Cup back to the U.S. with the superb victory of STARS & STRIPES in Fremantle, Australia. In 1988, Ed was part of the management team assembled to prove and assert the right for the catamaran STARS & STRIPES to sail to victory over Sir Michael Fay's "Big Boat" New Zealand challenge. Again, Mr. du Moulin had a role in the 1992 one-boat defense effort in San Diego and then the 1995 defense against the successful challenge by New Zealand when Conner, with a modest budget, waged a dramatic, though losing, effort. His close relationship with Dennis Conner continues. Ed du Moulin's reputation from these many ventures is legendary and is a result of his efficiency as a manager and organizer; his leadership in all aspects; his outstanding financial management; and his marvelous way with crew, employees, volunteers and all involved. Ed was always at the center, especially so at difficult times; his steady hand and constant optimism were the virtues that held together all those marvelous accomplishments of technology and human effort. Subsequently, du Moulin was an important organizer of the America's Cup Hall of Fame in Bristol, Rhode Island. He was the first chairman of the Selection Committee before retiring from that committee several years ago.