Thank you RESOLUTE Syndicate

As the pandemic tightened its grip in early 2020 and the future looked more uncertain each day, we reached out to our supporters for their help. The Resolute Syndicate was formed, and 27 generous donors stepped up to help HMM navigate these uncharted waters with $10,000 gifts.

Robert & Libby Alexander

Bob & Robin Anderson


Chris & Rob Ayerle

Miranda & Ted Boylan

Tim Britton

Charles Butt

Doug & Maria DeVos

Steve & Gloria Eddleston

Hap Fauth

Steve & Tricia Frary

Susan & David Hibbitt

The Keller Family


Alyssa Lebel & Edward Kaye

Betsy Hunt Lawrence

George & Russ Lucas

Thomas L. Stark & Tara L. Lynch

Silent Maid

Peter & Michelene McClennen

Maria & Charlie Milot

The O'Hanley Family

Roger S. Penske

Joe & Alzbetka Robillard

Charles Ryan

Edward W. Kane & Martha J. Wallace

Paolo Zannoni