March 12, 2021

2020 Virtual Perseverance Gala Rewind

Join us anytime for daunting sea stories, celebratory salutes from a few of your favorite sailors, a surprise award ceremony, and spoken word from our youth sail instructors!

December 10, 2020

It is hard to believe that 3 months have passed since our critically acclaimed first virtual gala; The Perseverance Gala?! Over 225 people witnessed sea stories, canon breaks, and the presentation of the inaugural ‘Rebecca Chase Herreshoff Award’ to our very own archivist: Norene Rickson. By all accounts it was a story well; amusing and delighting a global audience.

We’re pleased to present said gala to all of you our most impassioned patrons; members of the Reliance Society. Please follow the link below to witness the ‘Perseverance Gala’ yourselves! Whether you only have ten minutes or the whole 75 there’s something for everyone. We’ve even provided a cheat sheet so that you can fast forward or locate the parts that hold the most interest.

CONTENTS: (Click the timestamps to jump directly to any specific section)
00:26 - Welcome by Ted Regan
01:24 - Introduction by Bill Lynn
04:14 - Message from Bob Yaro
05:41 - Message from Elisabeth Lavers
08:46 - Bill Doyle's Sea Story of AMORITA
20:35 - Peter Isler's Sea Story 
33:06 - Toasts from Around the World, Part 1
37:35 - Contribute anytime at
39:16 - Kid's Corner: Youth Education Programs
40:17 - A message from Youth Sailing Instructors Brian, Wade & Isabella
47:13 - Teaser for The Becky Award
47:40 - A Message from Halsey Herreshoff 
50:14 - Toasts from Around the World, Part 2
57:20 - The Rebecca Chase Herreshoff Award 
1:05:11 - Inaugural Award Recipient's Thank You Speech
1:17:19 - Closing Remarks