January 7, 2021

Virtual Lecture with Sharon Green: “Exposed: A Virtual Multimedia Experience with Ultimate Sailing”

Event Date: January 21, 2021, 7pm EST

Capturing the thrill of ‘Ultimate Sailing’ for four decades

by Sharon Green

January 21, 2021, 7pm EST

$10 for Members, $15 for Non-Members

Get the stories behind the exhilarating photos! Sharon Green will transport you back out on the water - and you will practically feel the spray in your face and wind in your hair. Green will keep you entertained with her daredevil antics and thrilling experiences.

Sharon Green is one of the world’s leading yachting photographers; capturing electrifying images of performance sailing for nearly four decades. Her eye for color, light, energy and form has elevated yacht racing photography to a new level of artistry. As photographer and curator of the Ultimate Sailing Calendar since 1983, her images have brought thousands of viewers virtually into the heart of the fray, to fully experience the passion, bustle and splendor of competitive sailing.

Sharon has also been extensively published in the world’s foremost boating periodicals, and has published two books since first picking up a camera in her teens. Although she attended film & photography school in Canada, Sharon is largely self-taught, both as a business woman and photographer. She was awarded an honorary degree from the prestigious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, Calif. in recognition of her extraordinary accomplishments.

Photo: Sharon Green

Sharon has worked on nine America’s Cups and countless other high profile campaigns and regattas over the years; hanging out of helicopters and whisking through waves aboard jostling boats, to capture the most spectacular, action-packed and historic sailing images of the era.

Despite many challenges, she remains enamored with her passion. “It’s invigorating and fun to keep learning, with new techniques, equipment, and of course, the newer, faster boats. ‘And always a thrill to seek out that ‘Ultimate Sailing’ image!”

Entrepreneur, artist, adventurer … Sharon is also a sought-after motivational speaker: sharing tales of her extraordinary career and inspiring hundreds of devotees – just as her Ultimate Sailing images have wowed thousands of fans worldwide. “This is a unique and demanding career, with so many variables: wind, weather, boats, and personalities,” Sharon explains. “And being a woman in a male dominated sport, and field, has added to the myriad of challenges … and the interesting stories!” Sharon’s ideal wind and sea conditions are ‘fresh-to-frightening’ as she continues to pursue ‘Ultimate Sailing’ images.