November 16, 2020

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There is little most folks can agree these days except that 2020 has been one heck of a year. Already trending is the idea that ones age does not increase […]

There is little most folks can agree these days except that 2020 has been one heck of a year. Already trending is the idea that ones age does not increase this year- even if, paradoxically, we all feel like we’ve aged 10 years over the last ten months. Regardless, there remains much good to report. HMM has already inducted nearly 100 people into its nascent reimagined Reliance Society with everyone having received an irresistible and complimentary engraved compass paper weight, a thoughtfully curated slate of events and activities and the already much-discussed and highly coveted RS Membership card entitling the beholder to untold adventures! (Or at least that was the plan, preCovid-19 please cue the whaawhoo sound track.)

That said, being HMM, we remain undaunted, “shaken not stirred” as the other JB would say. Pandemics pass, Herreshoff stands fast! As a result of the likely possibility that people will remain reluctant to gather in groups, large or small, we’ve decided to build on the phenomenally successful ‘Code Flag Lima Project’ digital magazine and will be introducing two new media vehicles in which to gather and entertain our community- even if only virtually.

The first, already underway and making way, is a virtual Gala- rescheduled a third time, it will now definitely be hosted on-line December 10th, 2020. Our first gala in five years, and our first foray into the new environment of virtual gala’s we have been working tirelessly on the production and are certain it will amuse and delight! Many surprise and familiar component pieces fill out the program. At only 75 minutes we hope everyone considers putting together a small watch group, live or virtual, and enjoins us that evening for a pre-holiday salute to all things Herreshoff. Expect the unexpected!

The second concept, a Reliance Society members exclusive, is still being tossed about but we will endeavor this winter to host a 30-minute show, twice monthly, entitled ‘Topside with Ted’!

Yes, your own Ted Talk with me, Ted Regan, HMM’s Director of Advancement. Essentially I’ll be taking Reliance Society members on a white-glove, behind the scenes visits to people, places and things all having in common the sea; for example visits to other museums, legendary sailors, distinguished mariners, and unusual maritime artifacts, that you all may enjoy knowing about from the comfort of your own living room.

Originally we had hoped ‘Topside with Ted’ might be a physical field-trip, by land or sea, allowing us to introduce some of our most impassioned patrons to each other. Alas, not such a great idea at the moment, but perhaps down the road, once safety is ascertained, we’ll reconsider. Until then please consider ‘attending’ our gala December 10th and keep an eye out for subsequent details on our Ted-show meant to amuse, delight, inform and possibly inspire!

BTW: If you’re not a Reliance Society member as yet please consider becoming one today- there are only a few ‘seats’ left so you’d better hurry!

Until then,
Keep a fathom beneath you- and beside you!
Ted W. B. Regan