The Chronicle Archive

The Chronicle was a paper newsletter published by HMM between 1979 and 2001 and is an important piece of HMM’s own history. It featured museum news and updates as well as lengthier articles by HMM curators and staff, guest researchers, writers, photographers, and Herreshoff family members, owners and sailors. We are pleased to be able to present “30 Chronicles: the Collected Newsletters of the Herreshoff Marine Museum” in this digitized and searchable format on our website on the occasion of HMM’s 50th anniversary year. HMM would like to acknowledge Maynard Bray and the Herreshoff Catalogue Raisonné for making this digital edition possible through their processing and transcription efforts.  

Browse by clicking the arrows to turn pages or by typing a specific page number into the menu bar. Clicking on the bookmark symbol allows you to search within the Chronicle, navigate directly to titles as listed in the index, or view thumbnails of the entire document. You can also click directly on the title of an article you are interested in on the index pages (pp. 2-5) and the viewer will take you right to that page. You can turn off the sound and adjust other settings in the "settings" menu by clicking the gear button in the lower right of the navigation bar.

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