Induction Class of 1996

Frank J. Murdoch

Great Britain

1904 - 1996

The perfect blend of genius and gentleman, Frank Murdoch brought cutting edge technology to the America's Cup. His engineering experience and influence transformed T.O.M. Sopwith's 1934 J-Class yacht ENDEAVOUR into a technological wonder. His plans for the rigging and use of strain gauges were decidedly innovative. A unique two-man rowing machine winch, and the first wind speed/direction indicators were also Murdoch innovations. In the races, he contributed strong sailing expertise to ENDEAVOUR as sail trimmer and general overseer. In 1936, he designed the rig for ENDEAVOUR II, creating reel winches that fed the wire runners onto spools. Murdoch successfully raced 6 meter and 12 meter yachts in Europe in the 1920's. His Fife-designed 6 meter permanently won the major trophy, Shelde Juweel, after three consecutive victories in the series.