May 4, 2020

A Sailor’s Life for Me: a virtual voyage on Old Ironsides

Another virtual voyaging game, this time with more rats, chamber pots and cannon balls! From our friends at the USS Constitution Museum

Part of our Code Flag Lima initiative is to let you know about great projects that other museums in the maritime community have shared with us. We really enjoyed this game made by our neighbors just an hour and half north of us in Boston, the USS Constitution Museum, about what it would have been like to enlist as a sailor in the early days of the U.S. Navy during the War of 1812. In this virtual voyage, you will experience everything from picking out your clothes and supplies to emptying chamber pots, loading cannons, gambling, and catching rats in the hold. Before you start playing, you might want to learn more about your crew mates, or get familiar with the ship. You can either choose to play the long version of the game and experience the whole voyage, or try some of the shorter games if you don't have as much time. And when the Covid-19 closures are over, you can look forward to visiting the USS Constitution and exploring in person. Until then, they are offering daily virtual tours too!

Click here to check out "A Sailor's Life for Me!"

Action between USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere, 19 August 1812, by Michel Felice Corne Image courtesy U.S. Navy - Naval History and Heritage Command, 80-G-K-26254