April 13, 2020

This Week in Herreshoff History: April 13

A factory tour, a launching and a buy-back, and a very successful trial run

April 13, 1878

Three months after the brother's incorporate HMCo., reporters from the Bristol Phoenix are given a tour of the plant by Foreman Charles F. Herreshoff (father of John and Capt. Nat). The newspaper publishes a very long and detailed description of the HMCo. plant, noting the more than seventy workers, touring several departments and describing the projects underway.

April 12, 1907

Brief notes in the Phoenix mention the planned launching of George M. Pynchon's ISTALENA (HMCo. #663) later that day, and that HMCo. has purchased Cornelius Vanderbilt's NY70 RAINBOW (HMCo. #532). RAINBOW was one of the notorious NY70s designed by NGH for the New York Yacht Club, and the largest one-design class HMCo. ever produced.

RAINBOW before the start, NYYC Cruise, August 1900; image courtesy the Library of Congress digital collections

April 12, 1910

The Phoenix reports a successful trial: the schooner WESTWARD (HMCo. #692), built for Alexander S. Cochran, was taken on its first run the previous Saturday. Capt. Nat, Cochran, Capt. Charlie Barr, and representatives of Lloyd’s and HMCo., along with a crew of 30, sailed to Newport and back to Bristol at an average speed of 16 miles per hour.