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2019 Lecture Series

The Herreshoff Marine Museum’s Monthly Lecture Series brings the knowledge of established authors, sailors, and experts directly to the public. Learn from some of the best sailors, writers, historians, and accomplished individuals amongst historic Herreshoff Boats and the America’s Cup Hall of Fame. Tickets are availble online (click here) or at the door the day of the event.

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Reception begins at 6:00pm
Lecture begins at 7:00pm

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September 18th, 2019
"Hull 341: The Navy-Curtiss Flying Boat, First Across the Atlantic" by Kent B. Lewis

Transatlantic travel was perilous during the first World War and Allied shipping was preyed upon by German submarines. The United States was shipping sea planes to England to combat the German threat, but needed a better way to get aircraft across the Atlantic. The design requirement for a flying boat emerged, one more than 10 times larger than anything previously built, and the Navy turned to Glenn Curtiss. In concert they developed the Navy Curtiss Flying Boat, known as the N.C. or Nancy. The Nancies were designed towards the end of the war and did not fly until after the Armistice, but the Navy decided to finish the craft and validate the concept and design.

No one company was large enough to build the entire aircraft, so components were contracted out to boat and coach manufacturers of the day. Herreshoff Manufacturing Company was asked to build one of the first 4 hulls, which they did in their Small Boat Shop. Herreshoff was known for conquering the Atlantic, hull number 341 became NC-4, and she alone would finish the first aerial crossing of the Atlantic in May of 1919. 

The Nancies were technological marvels of their time, NC-4 survives today and is preserved at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida. Mr. Lewis has had permission of the Smithsonian Institution to closely examine the Herreshoff hull, and will share photos and archival material of NC-4 as she currently rests on her launch dolly.

Captain Kent Lewis, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired) is designated an Unrestricted Naval Aviator who flew 4 types of rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. He has a BA in History and Masters in Library Science, and currently flies as a Captain for Delta Air Lines. Kent and his spouse Audrey are maritime historians who build and restore small boats when not messing about. Their blog is found at smallboatrestoration.blogspot.com 


October 15th
"Pirate Ghosts And Phantom Ships Of New England" presented by Thomas D’Agostino and Arlene Nicholson

New England is rich with stories and legends of ghost ships and pirates long dead. Blackbeard, Sandy Gordon, Captain Kidd and many more once called the region home; and still do. Phantom ships continue to roam the waters of the New England coast. Some mysteriously abandoned while other vanished never to be seen again , in the physical form anyway. Learn why Marblehead dreads the screeching Lady or who haunts the Isles of Shoals. Why does a phantom dory stalk the water off of New Hampshire and what happened to the Sea Bird's crew? Visit a real life haunted ship and more.

About the Authors: Thomas D’Agostino and Arlene Nicholson have been extensively studying and investigating paranormal accounts for over 36 years with well over 1200 investigations to their credit. Creators of 13 books and counting, together they have penned and captured on film the best haunts and history New England has to offer.

Tom and Arlene’s books include; Haunted Rhode Island, Haunted New Hampshire, Haunted Massachusetts, Pirate Ghosts and Phantom Ships, Abandoned Villages and Ghost Towns of New England, A Travel Guide to Haunted New England, A History of Vampires in New England, and the soon to be released, Haunted Vermont, Ghost Stories and Legends of Connecticut, Legends, Folklore and Secrets of New England, Rhode Island’s Haunted Ramtail Factory, Ghosts Of The Blackstone Valley, and Litchfield County Ghosts.

Other stories and accounts are featured in “Ghost Stories of New England” by Susan Smitten, “The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places” by Jeff Belanger, “Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting” and “Haunted Objects” by Christopher Balzano, and “Psychic Pets” by Dinah Roseberry. Tom is also a regular contributor to FATE magazine and the Patriot Yankee XPress News.

Tom and Arlene work together with some of the best names in the field investigating the paranormal from New England and beyond. The couple hosts Dining With The Dead 1031, an interactive investigation dinner event where the guests become the investigators in some of the most haunted locales in the region.

Thomas and Arlene presently reside in Connecticut.

Discover more at www.tomdagostino.com and www.diningwiththedead1031.com
November 14th, 2019
"Rhode Island Shipwrecks: An Evening of Maritime Misfortune in the Ocean State" by Charlotte Taylor

The record of shipwrecks in Rhode Island begins immediately after the arrival of Europeans in the early 17th century with the grounding of a Dutch trading vessel, and thousands more vessels came to grief in its waters in the following centuries, through bad weather, human error, equipment failure, and military action. Some of these shipwrecks were epic disasters, with many fatalities and the total loss of the vessel; others were relatively minor misfortunes in which the ships were salvageable.  Come see the dramatic pictures and hear the fascinating stories of a select sample of shipwrecks!

Charlotte Taylor is the author of Images of America: Rhode Island Shipwrecks, published in 2017.  She is an archaeologist at the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission, where her job includes maintaining an inventory of the location and condition of the state's shipwrecks (and very occasionally diving on them!).

TBD, 2020
"100th Anniversary of the NC4: Flight to Chatham" by Dave Crocker

Dave Crocker is an historian and lecturer about Cape Cod history and his family’s connections with the subjects he deals with. The Crockers were instrumental with Cape Cod’s past. As for the NC-4, his aunt was engaged to a naval pilot at Cape Cod’s Naval Air Station in Chatham when the NC made its surprise visit there in 1919. 

When he was 14, he built from scratch, a model of the NC-4 from a set of 1933 model airplane plans. His uncle accidently dropped the model and totally destroyed it.  Dave carried around the wreckage for some 50-odd years, vowing to restore it.  About 5 years ago he built another, larger model….but discovered some errors in the old plans. He promised to make one more with corrections. With help from the Smithsonian and the Pensacola Naval Museum, a third correct model was made. 

Last year Chatham celebrated the stopover by the NC-4, and Crocker was asked to give a slide presentation about the event. The whole amazing story is presented in this presentation, which has been given six times to aviation enthusiasts in the last year. 

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