A Constructive Sail

Submitted by Nathaniel Comiskey from Tiverton, RI

One hot, sunny day during the summer, my friends and I were sailing around Narragansett Bay when one of us spotted an oddly shaped piece of driftwood in the water.  For no other reason than the fact that we were bored, we decided to sail towards it and fish it out of the water.  Once we got to it, I pulled it out of the water.  It was a very thick piece of wood, and perfectly rectangular.  Then, I saw another piece of driftwood not far away that looked a lot like it.  We got that piece as well, and then proceeded to find three more pieces, all the exact same shape and size.  We didn’t know what to do with them, so we kept them on the boat until we got back to Herreshoff.  We left them out to dry, and went to the beach to eat lunch.

We finished lunch, and on the way back I spotted a long plank of driftwood lying on the beach.  We took that back with us, and once we had gathered all of the driftwood we had found, we assembled a sturdy bench out of four of the small pieces, the plank, and some nails.  That bench stayed at the camp the whole rest of the summer, and was used by many people over the course of that time.  The very last day, we decided who got to bring it home.  I won, and it is still standing outside my house to this day.

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