1925 – 2008

Spanning more than 40 years as the foremost yachting cinematographer-lecturer, John Biddle has sailed with Ted Turner, Dennis Conner, Ted Hood and dozens of other skippers on the U.S. east coast, Great Lakes, and west coast. He has raced to Bermuda 11 times, was aboard the winning yacht to Halifax in 1957, cruised among the icebergs off the coasts of Labrador and Greenland, sailed the SORC several times, and crewed aboard square-riggers in the North Sea.

Biddle pursued a life of sailing, travel and adventure, while at the same time making a living as a film-lecturer. Lean and fast moving, he was proficient at all things nautical including one-design racing and off-shore cruising or racing. He was thus able to combine his love for the sea and knowledge of sailing with a talent for film-making, resulting in 40 shows in 40 years, often highlighting the America’s Cup.

John Biddle’s 40-year film archives are capped by comprehensive film coverage of each America’s Cup event from 1958 to 1987 in 10 season-long episodes from early trials to the final races, during the 12 Meter boat years.