Induction Class of 1993

Robert N. Bavier, Jr.


1918 - 2001

The wrong kind of record was set by a challenger in 1964 when the English SOVEREIGN lost one race by 20 minutes and 24 seconds to CONSTELLATION, the worst drubbing in Cup race history since 1886 when MAYFLOWER defeated GALATEA by 29 minutes and 8 seconds. Robert N. Bavier Jr. was the skipper of CONSTELLATION in the America's Cup defense of 1964, defeating SOVEREIGN in four straight races. The American's lopsided victory resulted more from a long series of selection races which brought CONSTELLATION to the proper level of excellence than from the shortcomings of the challenger. CONSTELLATION had to battle AMERICAN EAGLE through a series of difficult and close trial races. In July and August, AMERICAN EAGLE consistently defeated CONSTELLATION with Eric Ridder at the helm. Ridder asked his relief helmsman, Robert N. Bavier Jr., to take over and that was the beginning of the end for AMERICAN EAGLE. Bavier won six out of seven races from AMERICAN EAGLE in the final trials and was selected to defend the Cup. Bob Bavier covered America's Cup competition for more than 50 years, both as a participant and a journalist. He was the former President and Publisher of YACHTING magazine and was later a member of the Selection Committee of the New York Yacht Club.