Induction Class of 2001

Henry Sturgis Morgan


1900 - 1982

In a lifetime devoted to good works, the America's Cup received a great share of time and energy from Henry S. Morgan. He was Commodore of the New York Yacht Club, 1949-51, and Chairman of its America's Cup Committee, 1962-74, through a total of five matches, all successful defenses. During his frequent trips to England, especially to annual meetings of the International Yacht Racing Union of which he was a Vice President, he developed close relations with the British 12-Metre Association. After WWII, "Harry" Morgan was instrumental in the revival of the Cup campaigns in 12-Meters and a member of that 1958 Cup Committee. As Chairman of the Cup Committee, he presided over numerous revisions of the conditions for the racing to cope with multiple challenges, technological changes such as aluminum hulls, and interpreting resolutions that resulted in better competition. When it became clear that an international jury was appropriate to decide protests, he arranged it, as he believed strongly in equitable racing and fair play. Henry S. Morgan set the standard and style for America's Cup, adamant that all was done "first class". Clubs that succeeded the N.Y.Y.C., as holders of the Cup, have a goal worthy of emulation.