Induction Class of 1996

General Charles J. Paine



General Charles Paine managed what has become known as “the first modern America’s Cup Defense Syndicate” in 1885 with the Edward Burgess designed yacht PURITAN. Paine was known for making numerous detailed changes in search of better performance, and, as a result, PURITAN beat GENESTA to become the first Boston-bred Cup Defender. Paine then owned and managed the 1886 Cup Defender MAYFLOWER and the 1887 Cup Defender VOLUNTEER to become the first syndicate leader to win three consecutive America’s Cup matches. Edward Burgess, who named one of his sons after Paine, stated that a number of changes in his own famous designs came from General Paine’s suggestions. The expensive and complicated yachts of Paine’s day demanded top notch management. The efforts and abilities of men like Charles Paine often made the difference against formidable challengers.