Induction Class of 1996

Chandler Hovey


1880 - 1971

Chandler Hovey was a competitor and Corinthian yachtsman in the truest sense. In 1930 and 1934, he financed, managed, and skippered the J-boat YANKEE. In the years that followed the Cup races, Hovey acquired WEETAMOE and joined other J-Class yachts in fierce competition. In the 1934 Cup trials, Hovey came within a second of selection. Though devastated by the result, he never lost his enthusiasm for the America's Cup. In the 1937 trials, he competed with RAINBOW against the super J-boat RANGER. When the Deed of gift was modified to permit challenges in 12 meter yachts, Hovey initially stood alone when a request went out to build a defender. His EASTERNER sailed in the Cup trials of 1958,1962 and 1964. To Hovey and the many family members and friends who made up his crew, his America's Cup campaigns were a tremendous success. Chandler Hovey was widely admired for his sportsmanship, generosity, and great personal integrity.