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From the Vault: a big loan returns! What’s next? 

Update - RELIANCE and a large collection of artifacts have returned to HMM from Germany!

Q&A from Virtual “Night at the Museum” Tour 

Follow up questions from last week's live tour and interview at HMM

Whaleboats for the Greely Relief Expedition 

A rescue mission to the Arctic is supplied with two small HMCo. built steam powered whaleboats

Curator’s Log: Bristol, HMCo., and the Pandemic of 1918 

How the movement of military personnel, the crowding of factories for war-time production, rallies, parades and the Liberty Bond Campaign impacted HMCo. and Bristol in the influenza pandemic more than a hundred years ago

America’s Cup Defenders and Challengers Timeline: why selection series matter 

How many vessels fought each year just for the chance to compete for the America's Cup? A guest post explains!

The Curator’s Log: The HMCo. Watchmen 

The Men of Herreshoff: The Watchmen

From the Vault: Burgees and Private Signals 

Whether you already have your own private signal, or you've just begun the process of designing one for yourself, we wanted to dig into the vault today to give you some ideas about how to apply them

The Nathaniel L. Stebbins Photographic Collection 

Two Nathaniels and several hundred photos make for one extraordinary digital archive, featuring commentary by friends of HMM

Nathanael Herreshoff, Steam Engineer: The MIT Years (Part II) 

What else did NGH get up to while he was a student at MIT in the 1860s, and how did his time there impact HMCo. afterwards? A second guest post by a friend of HMM

NC-4 Internal View of Cockpit and Structure

Curator’s Log June 2019: The Story of NC-4 

Curator’s Log June 2019: Centenary of the First to Fly the Atlantic: The Story of the NC-4 Introduction In May 1919 the Navy Flying Boat NC-4 completed the first Transatlantic flight covering a distance of 1380 miles in a little over 15 hours from Newfoundland to the Azores. The accompanying NC-1 and NC-3 failed in […]

Nathanael Herreshoff, Steam Engineer: The MIT Years (Part I) 

What was it like to be a student at MIT in the 1860s? A guest post by a friend of HMM

From the Vault: the RELIANCE wheel (Part II) 

What happened to RELIANCE after she won the Cup, and how did one of her wheels end up in Yonkers?