Curator’s Log

Curator’s Log Feb. 2019: “Battle of the Steam Launches: Newport 1887” 

The Herreshoff’s made their first delivery of a steam launch to the US Government in 1876 and over the next 22 years they delivered a number of  steam launches ranging in size from 22-42 feet to the Coast Survey, Fish Commission, Lighthouse Service and US Navy.

Curator’s Log, November, 2018: The 1870 Love Letters of John Brown Herreshoff 

An important part of the museum’s collection related to the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and Herreshoff family are the original business and private correspondence, and other manuscript materials, originating with, or relating to, John Brown Herreshoff.

Curator’s Log September 2018 

The Herreshoff-built CUSHING and Destruction of the MAINE

The Curator’s Log: April 2018 

The Boyhood Sketches of Nathanael Greene Herreshoff

The Curator’s Log: January 2018 

Nathanael Greene Herreshoff; The Dishonorable Press and Fake News

The Curator’s Log: Herreshoff and US Naval Torpedo Station Newport 

Developing the Torpedo Boat as a Weapon

The Curator’s Log: March 2017 

Foundations of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company

The Curator’s Log: December 2016 


The Curator’s Log: September 2016 


The Curator’s Log: May 2016 

The Herreshoff Brothers and SPRITE- A Partnership Begins

The Curator’s Log: February 2016 

Nathanael Greene Herreshoff and the America’s Cup: Part Eighteen- The 13th Challenge (1913- 1920)

The Curator’s Log: September 2015 

Nathanael Greene Herreshoff and the America's Cup: Part Sixteen- The 13th Challenge (1913- 1920)