Lecture: “Journey To Apex Predator RELIANCE” by Sandy Lee

April 20, 2023 6:00 pm

The third presentation in this series delves into the fascinating design journey of Capt. Nat and John Herreshoff as they developed the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company's capabilities and processes. These developments eventually led to the construction of the most dominant America's Cup boats of their time. Through their hard work and dedication, H.M.Co became capable of building the most formidable of all the great 90' (LWL) America’s Cup boats - the largest and tallest of all single masted sailing vessels for a century!

Sandy Lee has spearheaded a team of skillful volunteers at the Museum in the construction of a magnificent 37-foot-tall replica of the 1903 RELIANCE, the restoration of the 1892 WEE WINN, and the building of a 30-foot steam launch replica from the H.M.Co. steam era of 1876-1891. By tracing the footsteps of Capt. Nat and John Herreshoff, Sandy and his team uncover the secrets behind H.M.Co's success in building the largest and tallest single-masted sailing vessels for a century. Attendees of this presentation will gain insights into the history of boat building and the innovation that took place during this era.


April 20, 2023

In-Person Reception begins at 6 pm
Lecture begins at 7 pm, Eastern

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