“Hull 341: The Navy-Curtiss Flying Boat, First Across the Atlantic” by Kent B. Lewis

Transatlantic travel was perilous during the first World War and Allied shipping was preyed upon by German submarines. The United States was shipping sea planes to England to combat the German threat, but needed a better way to get aircraft across the Atlantic. The design requirement for a flying boat emerged, one more than 10 times larger than anything previously built, and the Navy turned to Glenn Curtiss. In concert they developed the Navy Curtiss Flying Boat, known as the N.C. or Nancy. The Nancies were designed towards the end of the war and did not fly until after the Armistice, but the Navy decided to finish the craft and validate the concept and design. No one company was large enough to build the entire aircraft, so components were contracted out to boat and coach manufacturers of the day. Herreshoff Manufacturing Company was asked to build one of the first 4 hulls, which they did in their Small Boat Shop. Herreshoff was known for conquering the Atlantic, hull number 341 became NC-4, and she alone would finish the first aerial crossing of the Atlantic in May of 1919. The Nancies were technological marvels of their time, NC-4 survives today and is preserved at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida. Mr. Lewis has had permission of the Smithsonian Institution to closely examine the Herreshoff hull, and will share photos and archival material of NC-4 as she currently rests on her launch dolly. Captain Kent Lewis, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired) is designated an Unrestricted Naval Aviator who flew 4 types of rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. He has a BA in History and Masters in Library Science, and currently flies as a Captain for Delta Air Lines. Kent and his spouse Audrey are maritime historians who build and restore small boats when not messing about. Their blog is found at smallboatrestoration.blogspot.com   Reception begins at 6pm, followed by Lecture at 7pm


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A unique cruising magazine celebrating the Down East coast Cruisers who come to the Gulf of Maine have a special fondness for the region's unique marine assets, from its skilled craftsmen to its quiet, secluded harbors to its pristine environment. Points East represents the Down East cruising culture. Points East celebrates it and gives it voice.

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Nantucket Vineyard was the first arm of our business opening in the early 1980’s as a small project of the Long Family.  After a few years, Winery employees ended up falling in love with the wine and each other, and voila! – Cisco Brewers was born on the Hudson’s stovetop in 1995.  Whispers of a brewery floated on the Nantucket wind, catching the ear of a few people, including a Mr. Harman.  Using the previously tested and proven formula of starting a business from another business, Winery and Brewery employees enjoyed a few glasses / pints (respectively) together and hatched the idea for Triple Eight Distillery in 2000.   All three businesses are constantly evolving, and we now produce a wide variety of world-class wines, beers, and spirits.  Come out and enjoy our Nantucket haven- just prepare yourself in case your mind blows up from all the awesomeness.


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From its founding, Pella has always been about providing innovative windows and doors that do more than frame the landscape — they make life easier with meaningful details that matter every day. Pella has a proud 85-year history of environmental stewardship and has been recognized for its energy efficiency leadership and sustainable business practices. From the company's founding, Pella has been a leader in technology and product innovation. In fact, they've been awarded more than 100 product and design patents. Products and features now commonplace throughout the window industry — like the tilt-wash double-hung window — were invented by Pella engineers.

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