Golden Jubilee Gala Art Show & Sale

Now & Then

by Alison Langley & Russ Kramer

Although the show is over, Alison and Russ are still selling over two dozen pieces of one-of-a-kind art, collectively. A generous portion of the proceeds benefit HMM. The holidays are coming faster than you might expect! A gift of art by Alison Langley or Russ Kramer will be forever appreciated. Framed pieces can only be delivered locally. Contact us for details.


Alison Langley’s nautical images artfully capture the pure essence of sailing and the world of classic boats. After studying film at NYU and photography at RISD, Alison moved to Australia where she learned to sail.

She then spent several years sailing around the world, honing her craft and embracing a passion for the sea. Combining her artist’s eye and an intimate knowledge of wooden boats, Alison has earned international recognition for her exquisite fine art photography and documentary films.


Russ Kramer is widely regarded to be among the country’s leading marine artists. His large-scale studio paintings create ‘first-hand’ experiences for the viewer, putting you right on board during some of history’s greatest yacht races or turn-of-the-century luxury vessels.

A sense of the dramatic moment, combined with meticulous research and attention to detail, have found considerable appeal and sell quickly into private and corporate collections. His works are unique and immediately recognizable, combining narrative, historical, figurative and maritime disciplines.