Lecture: “The Herreshoff WWII Vessels” by Greg Banner


“The Herreshoff WWII Vessels” by Greg Banner For World War II military service Herreshoff Boatyard produced exactly 100 vessels in five different classes.   These included mine sweepers, coastal transports, PT boats and air-sea rescue boats.  These vessels served in the US Navy, US Army Air Corps, British, Indian and Soviet Navies.    This presentation will provide […]

Lecture: “Temple To The Wind” by Chris Pastore


“Temple To The Wind: The Story Of America’s Greatest Naval Architect And His Masterpiece, RELIANCE” by Christopher L. Pastore, Ph.D. (Lyons Press, 2005) “Temple to the Wind is as expertly crafted as Nathanael Herreshoff’s epic America’s Cup yacht Reliance. A riveting account of an enigmatic genius and the yacht race that was once as big […]