August 6, 2020

Steam Launch Blog #30

Mid-October to early November 2018

Mid-October to early November 2018

On to fastening sheer strakes. We shanghaied a younger passer-by but he's lying down on the job. More geriatric Jim1 is trying to touch his toes but will need help straightening up, while Rick is trying the sitting position which doesn't seem much more comfortable.

Capt, Nat is credited after a tour of Europe and its boatyards in the mid 1870's of bringing upside-down boat building (and bronze fasteners, I think)  to the U.S.  It certainly makes it easier to plank the bottom of the boat, but I guess we failed to make our platform high enough. Guess we need a height where taller volunteers can work on the garboard and shorter ones on the sheer.

I also note that with the sheer, garboard and broad plank in place, we could ditch the paint can weights which counteracted the leverage of the keel. Skeleton coming into place!