January 28, 2021

Historic Film Compilation: The 1934 & 1937 America’s Cup Contests

A series of playlists for newsreel footage organized by Cup year

There are a lot of fantastic historical newsreel clips floating of 20th century America's Cup contests on YouTube, so we are starting collect and share some of our favorites in "playlists." We are focusing on the Sopwith challenge years this week as a follow-up to last week's "From the Vault" post about Lady Sopwith. The majority of this footage from the mid 1930s is from the British Pathé newsreel archives. It is arranged roughly chronologically, but some of the clips have already been cut together as shorter newsreels so there may be some redundancy. Most of the clips have sound, but a few are silent. Feel free to comment below if you come across other AC footage from 1934 or 1937 that you think we should add! We will also continue to share material from other Cup years in future Code Flag Lima posts, so feel free to send more of your favorite links our way. You can let the videos auto-play on this page, or select other clips by clicking the "playlist" button in the top right hand corner of the video window. You can also click the buttons below to see the full playlist in a new tab.

1934 America's Cup

Historic footage of the British challenger ENDEAVOUR and the American defender RAINBOW (HMCo. #1233):

1937 America's Cup

British challenger ENDEAVOUR II and American defender RANGER, as well as coverage of the first ENDEAVOUR's ill fated 1937 return trip:

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