December 3, 2020

Lecture Video: The Composer, the Artist, and the Italian Connection

Filmed at the Herreshoff Marine Museum

Presented by Jessie Kennedy Herreshoff

Filmed July 13 2004

This lecture explores the remarkable lives of two Herreshoff women. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing now, we recommend you skip to 0:58:00 for a brief but fantastic first-hand account of a visit to the Herreshoff family compound during the Bristol Fourth celebration in 1907.

A genealogy note: the Louise (1876 - 1967) and James (1878 - 1945) referred to in this lecture are a niece and nephew of N.G.H. (1848 - 1938) and J.B.H. (1841 - 1915) via the second to youngest of their siblings (John Brown Francis Herreshoff, 1850 - 1932) and the eldest of their siblings (James Herreshoff, 1834 - 1930), respectively.