December 23, 2020

From the Vault: Winter at Love Rocks

A few family photos to ring in the new year

"Santa Claus, Xmas. 1903."

Agnes Herreshoff (1884-1965), Captain Nat's eldest and only daughter, was an avid and prolific photographer. We are extraordinarily lucky to have a number of photo albums assembled and captioned by Agnes in the archives at HMM. The prints are small but can be quite detailed. They are a mix of conventional photographic prints and cyanotypes of landscapes, vessels, and people - mostly Agnes's siblings, extended family and friends. America's Cup contenders appear next to portraits of family pets and interior shots of the family home, Love Rocks. There is a certain spirit and motion in many of them (sometimes at the cost of focus) that suggests the work of an amateur, but this makes them all the more charming to view as candid time capsules. Others are more carefully composed wide-angle views of landscapes and vessels that are stunning in both composition and clarity. Ice boating, ice skating, sledding, skiing and skate-sailing all figure prominently in the winter photos year after year; the photos below represent just a small selection of the Herreshoff children's winter activities as documented by Agnes. There are also photos of icebound HMCo. piers, vessels in storage on the hard at Walker's Cove, and a wonderful shot of icebreaking in the harbor. We thought we would share a few of Agnes's photos of the family, Captain Nat's home Love Rocks, and HMCo. to celebrate the coming new year and bring a little joy to you from Bristol winters past.

Love Rocks in the background