April 30, 2020

This Week in Herreshoff History: April 30

Boiler inspections, a very fast steam yacht, summer boarding homes, false accusations, and a cheer-up bundle

May 2, 1885

In Local Affairs, steamboat inspectors Beckwith and Hovey were in town on Friday of last week to examine the boilers and machinery of the new steam yacht STILETTO (HMCo. #118), recently built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co., according to the Bristol Phoenix. The same issue reports Captain Ralph Aston, U. S. Navy, who had been in Bristol for several months inspecting engines and machinery at HMCo., has been ordered to Norfolk, VA, and that Mr. Herreshoff is building a summer boarding house on Poppasquash Point.

Nathaniel L. Stebbins photo of STILETTO (HMCo. #118) from the Historic New England archive

April 30, 1920

Men of RESOLUTE (HMCo. #725) deny stories of bad conduct! A firm letter to the editor of the Bristol Phoenix dismisses the rumor of poor behavior on the part of RESOLUTE's crew, at that time on the loose in the small town. The letter claims most crew members are too old to be out causing trouble, as most of them were part of RESOLUTE's original pre-war crew six years before at the time of her launch and original trials. The truth remains to be seen as none of the crew wears their uniform when at liberty in public! The letter claims there are an additional 30 stranger sailors in town (the same number again as RESOLUTE's whole crew) for a total of sixty on the prowl, so who knows who is who, really.

RESOLUTE (HMCo. #725) under sail; HMM historic photo collection

April 30, 1943

A "Cheer-Up Bundle" was received by an American soldier overseas for Christmas, and his thanks have finally made it to print some five to six months later. Other local contributors to the "bundle" included the YMCA, Bristol Lace Works, the Bristol Manufacturing Corporation, the Carr Manufacturing Corporation, the Collins and Aikman Corporation, the U.S. Rubber Company, and HMCo. Wish we knew what was in it!