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The Herreshoff Brothers and their Torpedo Boats, Part VIII 

A series of papers on bringing innovation to the “New Navy”

THE HERRESHOFF MARINE MUSEUM / AMERICA’S CUP HALL OF FAME is dedicated to the education and inspiration of the public through presentations of the history and innovative work of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and the America’s Cup competition. The Museum, bordering beautiful Narragansett Bay, in Bristol, Rhode Island, is one of the nation’s most important historic maritime treasures.

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November 22, 2022

A series of papers on bringing innovation to the “New Navy”

The Curator’s Log

November 22, 2022

The Herreshoff Brothers and their Torpedo Boats, Part VIII 

A series of papers on bringing innovation to the “New Navy”

November 10, 2022

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The Annual Carlton Pinheiro Lecture: "The Steam Launch EAGLE" Presented by Sandy LeeTuesday, December 13, 2022 | Virtual & In-PersonPresentation begins at 7pm Eastern In-Person Reception begins at 5:30pm at the Launch Exhibit STEAM! INCREDIBLE FOUNDATION OF HERRESHOFF MANUFACTURING AND ULTRA LIGHT-WEIGHT BOAT CONSTRUCTION Herreshoff Manufacturing Company's under-appreciated steam era (1878-1892) is the foundation for HMCo.'s period of intense innovation (1891-1903) and later sailing yachts. Launch #199 for USS EAGLE is an important exhibit for telling these stories. We’ll discuss key elements of innovation and development of HMCo. capabilities; driving force of the Gilded Age and emergence of U.S. on global stage; the important role of key customers; some wonderful, delightful steam stories; and educational insights. For a dozen years now, Sandy Lee has led a team of volunteers and local artisans – first building a 1/6th scale 37' tall fine-scale model of 1903 Reliance, Capt. Nat's apex predator and America’s Cup winner; then restoring 1892 WEE WINN, an English half-rater in which Miss Winifred Sutton won 21 of 22 races and the English title; and finally building replica 1899 28' steam launch for USS EAGLE, a gunboat and survey vessel. What began as quest to understand how Herreshoff Manufacturing could launch RELIANCE 177 days after receipt of order and deliver her race-ready in 194 days while also building 36 other steam and sail vessels over the 300 days of RELIANCE's life, began an exploratory journey back in time seeking the foundations and development of capabilities and process of continuous successful innovation that would ultimately enable delivery of RELIANCE. It would be a journey back from RELIANCE to WEE WINN at the beginning of the decade of intense innovation to that earlier steam era. A second presentation February 2023 will discuss the decade of WEE WINN, the bulb-fin keel boats, and other wooden sailing craft; and final presentation follows in April to RELIANCE. Virtual Tickets: Members: $10, Non-Members: $15In-Person Tickets: Members: $15, Non-Members: $20 Get tickets at buff.ly/3yODSjj ... See MoreSee Less
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