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The Twelve Metre Class


Preface by Olin Stephens

Chapter 1 The 19th Century : the Search for a rating Rule
Chapter 2 The International Rule
Chapter 3 The 12 Metre of the First Rule (1907-1919)
Chapter 4 The Second and Third Rule
Chapter 5 The 12 Metre of the Second and Third Rules (1920-1939)
Chapter 6 Twelves and the America’s Cup (1958 - 1987)
Chapter 7 12-Metre Influence on the Evolution of Yachting
Chapter 8 A new summer...

Boxes: Olympic Games and the Twelve Metres
Veronica K 10
Vim US 15
Intrepid US 22
Australia II KA 6
The Hall of Fame: biographies of the most important designers

Appendix The Twelve Metre Register
Index of Yachts in alphabetical order
Index of Yachts by nation and designer
Index of Yachts by the International Rules
Index of Yachts by year of launch
Index of Sail numbers
Index of Yachts names
America's Cup - Deed of Gift

Racing Records Olympic Games (1908 - 1912 - 1920)
America'Cup (1958/1987)
World Championships (2003 - 2006 - 2007)
European racing records (1908/2009)
American racing records (1928/2009)