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Mariette and the Herreshoff Schooners

DESCRIPTION of the book (slipcase for the book and the hard bound file)
- 500 pages; hard bound cover + dust jacket - book complete with a separate hard bound file containing 45 documents as:

• Three large Nathanael Herreshoff’s plans of Mariette (construction, interior, sail) – some water colored of Nathanael Greene Herreshoff - folded at the format file (31 cm x 46 cm) • 35 Nathanael Greene Herreshoff’s plans (construction, interior, sail) – folded at the file format (31 cm x 23 cm) • 2 Mariette’s portraits chosen by photographer Nigel Pert – at the file format • 2 reproductions of paintings by English artist Jamie Medlin - Mariette off the Needles and Mariette off Saint-Tropez – at the file format • two large scale plans (lines and sails) designed by Francois Chevalier for modelers, folded at the file format - Format of the book: : 31 cm/12,2' high, 23,6 cm/9,30' large, 4,9 cm/1,93' thick - 4,370 kg/ - 32 biographies - 29 Herreshoff schooner data files, besides that of Mariette - 35 reproductions of the original construction and sail plans selected from the Hart Nautical Collections - A complete list of the New York Yacht Club One-Design Classes - The list of Herreshoff’s schooner wins in major NYYC races - A comprehensive bibliography - A detailed index of names and places cited - A unique and comprehensive detailed index of yachts cited