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Custom Gloriana Clock

Robert B. Materne specializes in making reproduction New England grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, and furniture, sometimes known as "reproduction antiques" focusing on the mid 1700's to the mid 1800's. This fascinating period of American history is known for; the beginning of the China trade, the war for independence, the period of exploration in our own country and the beginning of the industrial age. The war of 1812 made it difficult to import materials from Europe and craftsmen were beginning to come up with their own designs instead of echoing the styles of England. All this has a huge influence on the designs, manufacturing and marketing of grandfather clocks and furniture of those times.

Materne uses traditional joinery techniques, often using tools similar to those found in wood shops two hundred years ago.

Eli Terry pillar and scroll design, mahogany dorrs and scrolls, hand-painted wooden dial