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Woodshop Classes

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The Herreshoff Marine Museum is pleased to be offering a selection of Woodshop Classes for the public. These classes are an opportunity to explore the traditional skills and craftsmanship of sailors, boatbuilders and mariners of all types. Each class is led by our staff Shipwright, in our boat restoration shop.  

Building a Sea Chest:
A sailor's sea chest was once an expression of a mariner's art as well as a prized possession. Today, they are used as toy boxes, quilt chests and tool carriers. Learn basic woodworking skills (along with the venerable dovetail joint) while making your own sea chest.  Fee: $375 for members, $400 for non-members, plus $125 materials fee  

Half Hull Model Making:
Once the domain of yacht designers, half hulls are now viewed as elegant works of art and craftsmanship. Working with our shipwright, you'll learn how to turn the lines plan of a yacht into a half model you'll be proud to bring home.  Fee: $375 for members, $400 for non-members, plus $125 materials fee  

These classes will be offered during these times, with a maximum of six students per class:
June 3-26, evening classes each Tuesday and Thursday
July 8-31, evening classes each Tuesday and Thursday
July 17-20, a four-day workshop
July 29 - August 21, evening classes each Tuesday and Thursday
August 7-10, a four-day workshop  

For more information on these or other classes, please address emails to Shipwrigh, Keith Brown, at k.brown@herreshoff.org.

Other classes we are planning on offering:  Tool Care and Sharpening Advanced Scale Model Making Coastwise Piloting and Navigation Marlinspike Seamanship

After School Wooden Boat Shop Mentorship Program


Our Wooden Boat Shop Mentoring Program is a sixteen-week introduction to traditional wooden boat building, offered this year for students in grades four through eight and teaching the craft and techniques of traditional boat construction. Students will be exposed to the history and concepts of traditional boats from the Museum’s own collection, and then learn the basics of wooden boat restoration alongside highly trained professionals in a working boat shop environment.
After mastering basic woodworking skills, students will progress to building their own toolbox, and learn various boat-building techniques such as replacing planks and steam-bending frames. In working with actual boats, students will learn problem solving, craftsmanship and attention to detail, while acquiring a proficiency in a time-honored trade. Classes meet twice a week after school, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3:30 to 5:30 from October 22 through February 27.

Tuition for the course is $125.  Students who complete the course satisfactorily, with no more than two unexcused absences, will be offered the full amount of the tuition as a scholarship towards next year’s sailing school tuition. A maximum of six students can be accepted. 
Please sign up right away, as the few spaces are expected to go quickly.  

Fill out the attached REGISTRATION FORM and email it to Larry Lavers: l.lavers@herreshoff.org
or mail it to the Museum: Attn: Larry Lavers, One Burnside Street, Bristol RI 02809

Call: 401.253.5000 for more information


Herreshoff Marine Museum has been awarded a $5000 grant from the “Collectors Foundation”

This money will be used to support the Museum’s after school mentorship program. This program has the dual purpose of teaching young students the skills needed to maintain classic wooden sailboats while at the same time helps to maintain the classic boats we use in our summer sailing program. Classes will be taught by a professional shipwright and supported by a cadre of experienced volunteers.

"Collectors Foundation” is an educational grant-making organization founded by Hagerty Insurance and funded by collector vehicle and classic boat enthusiasts to serve youth  development and long term interests of the collector vehicle and boat communities. More information can be found on its website:  www.collectorsfoundation.org



The Herreshoff After-School Boat Shop Video was produced by:
Austin Lane Studios



As part of its ongoing mission, the Herreshoff Marine Museum/ America's Cup Hall of Fame offers a variety of educational programs throughout the year. These include our sailing school, which instructs adults and youth in seamanship; Our 5th, 7th, and 9th grade curriculum enrichment lessons; the after-school program in the Boat Shop;  and senior project guidance and supervision.  The Herreshoff Institue would like to thank the following supporters for making these programs possible:

Bristol Boats
Collectors Foundation
Guck Inc.
Jamestown Distributors
Roger Williams University
Torch Foundation


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