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Thursday December 8th, 2016
Onne van der Wal, award winning nautical, sailing and yacht photographer 

Onne will talk about his 30 year career working as a full time professional nautical photographer. He tells the story about how he came from a background of professional ocean racing to becoming one of the top shooters in commercial marine photography. He will illustrate his talk with stunning still and vivid video imagery shot at regattas, advertising assignments and cruising and expeditions in the high latitudes. Onne's talks have taken him far and wide on the Canon and Lexar lecture tour. He was also a speaker at the inaugural TEDx series recently held in November in Newport, RI. 


Thursday November 10th: The Annual Carlton Pinheiro Lecture
Book Signing: "Herreshoff: American Materpieces" by Maynard Bray, Benjamin Mendlowitz, & Claas van der Linde

Special Event Pricing: $10 for all attendees. Free with the purchase of a book.
Purchase Tickets Online: HERE  

The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company constructed the most thrilling, innovative, and graceful boats ever built in the United States, not only lavish yachts and thoroughbred racing classes but also daysailers and dinghies, weekend cruisers and motor launches.
For the first and only time in 2016, all three authors will be together to present their fine work. Marine historian Maynard Bray and Herreshoff expert Claas van der Linde, in collaboration with renowned nautical photographer Benjamin Mendlowitz, present the very finest of the Herreshoff designs afloat today, with insightful commentary on design evolution in every facet from lines to displacement to hardware, accompanied by full-color images of each vessel both in detail and under way, as well as unique color reproductions of Herreshoff’s own archival plans and drawings. Each entry incorporates a history of the boat (or class), its owners, race results, and fate, celebrating the many that still grace our waters.


Wednesday, October 26th: "SS United States"

   Join us in welcoming Susan Gibbs, Executive Director, and David Macaulay, Advisory Council Member, of the SS United States Conservancy for a presentation on the historic ocean liner, widely known as "America's Flagship."

   The SS United States is the fastest passenger ship ever built and the largest ever made in the USA. The United States still holds the trans-Atlantic speed record and is one of the last remaining of the world’s great 20th Century ocean liners. Since the vessel’s launch over 60 years ago, she has served as an enduring iconic symbol of American innovation and engineering might. She is the only ship that bears the name of this great nation.

   The SS United States Conservancy is a nonprofit preservation organization, now owns the ship and is in a race against time as it tries to preserve the ship as a museum and mixed-use development. The future SS United States Center for Design and Discovery will explore the SS United States' historical significance and examine broader themes of maritime history, science and technology, and mid-century modern art and design. The Conservancy is building a major collection of SS United States artifacts, historical documents, artwork, and ship fixtures. For more information, click here.

   The program will feature two SS United States experts who will discuss the SS United States, the ship's unique design, and her designer's decades-long quest to create the "perfect ship." They will also explore the unique challenges and opportunities in telling the ship's story and conveying the ship's enduring meaning and relevance.  

Susan Gibbs, standing atop of one of the SS United States' funnels   Susan L. Gibbs is the SS United States Conservancy's executive director and co-founder. She is the granddaughter of William Francis Gibbs, the SS United States' self-taught designer, who also directed plans for more than 60 percent of the nation's wartime fleet during World War II and designed over 6,000 ships during the course of his career. Gibbs has delivered numerous public presentations on the SS United States and maritime history, and she has appeared in multiple media outlets, including the NBC Nightly News, NPR, CNN, CBS Sunday Morning, Agence France Press, Channel N24 (Germany), and the New York Times. Gibbs received her master's degree from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and a bachelor of arts from Brown University.
David Macaulay    Renowned author-illustrator David Macaulay's forthcoming book, "Crossing on Time", explores the story of the SS United States' design in the context of technological innovation and his own voyage on the ship at the age of ten. Macaulay has written and illustrated many best-selling and award-winning books, including Cathedral (1973), The Way Things Work (1988) and The New Way Things Work (1998). Macaulay's various honors include the MacArthur "Genius" Fellowship; U.S. nominee for the Hans Christian Andersen Award; the National Endowment for the Humanities' Charles Frankel Prize, Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters (France); the Boston Museum of Science's Bradford Washburn Medal,; the Caldecott Medal; the Smithsonian Institution's James Smithson Medal; Boston Globe-Horn Book Award; New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year; the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (Germany); and the Christopher Medal. He has been awarded ten honorary doctorates and is an honorary trustee of his alma mater, Rhode Island School of Design.

Tuesday, August 23rd: "The Drones Are Coming"

Presented by Professor John Jackson - US Naval War College

It is nearly impossible to pick-up a magazine or newspaper and not find an article about how unmanned vehicles are being developed and used around the world. From Predator Drones attacking enemies around the globe, to quad-rotor helicopters with cameras crashing on the White House lawn, the drones are coming! Professor Jackson's presentation will survey robots that fly, swim, and crawl! He will also discuss the legal and ethical issues involved with these systems, and will try to project the future based on current trends.

John E. Jackson is a professor in the Naval War College’s College of Distance Education. He teaches in the area of Theater Security Decision Making, and manages the Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program. Since November 2009 he has taught a highly-regarded elective course entitled “Unmanned Systems and Conflict in the 21st Century”. Retiring as a Navy Captain in 1998 after 27 years of service in the field of logistical support, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Communications from the University of New Mexico, a Master’s degree in Education from Providence College, and a Master’s degree in Management from Salve Regina University. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Salve Regina University. He is also a graduate of the Management Development Program at Harvard University.A recognized expert in these systems, he was called to testify before a House Sub-committee in 2010. 

Tuesday, July 12th
Road to the America's Cup by Tucker Thompson

 Tucker Thompson is the official TV and Public Host of the 35th America's Cup and was one of the announcers of the 34th Cup in San Francisco. A veteran sailing TV commentator, Thompson has hosted over 1,400 sailing shows with T2PTV and covered the America's Cup on TV since the 2007 Cup in Valencia, Spain. He is a national award winning TV and video host, producer, and public speaker, and also a former champion sailor who sailed with America True during the 2000 America's Cup in New Zealand. 


Thursday, June 23rd: Sail Twice Around  

Presented by Donna Lange

Having completed her second solo circumnavigation of the world, Donna Lange, will present a photo and music presentation encompassing the preparation and execution of her sailing feat. She will share the most dynamic stories and the incredible effect of being offshore sailing the world’s powerful ocean environments on her 28foot sailboat: both how she managed the challenges on board, as well as how this incredible opportunity changed her in the deepest way possible, opening her life to be empowered by the infinite source of life energy.

Donna Lange began sailing in 1999, as crew on a traditional tall ship in Baltimore MD. The captain, Virginia Wagner, offered Donna a position on her next commission for the Millenium 2000 Tall Ship Regatta around the world. At that moment, Donna knew it was the perfect opportunity to move forward in her life. Two weeks later Captain Wagner had to inform Donna that the ship went aground during the delivery of the vessel to Florida...the trip was canceled. But at that point, the vision to sail the world took hold. Donna accepted an opportunity to work in the charter business in the Virgin Islands for one year where her vision gained energy and she found SV_Inspired Insanity, a Southern Cross 28', then named Tryst. The refits began. 2002-2004 Donna sailed a solo circumnavigation of the North Atlantic during which she determined she wanted a longer offshore experience. She returned and became a USCG 100ton master's captain, and in 2005-2007 she did a solo circumnavigation of the world via Cape Hope and Cape Horn with only two stops before crossing her outbound track becoming the fastest US woman to solo sail the world. In 2015, Donna took off, again from Bristol RI, to do a nonstop solo circumnavigation. Having had difficulty with her self-steering and enduring a harsh storm season in the Southern Ocean, she capsized two times, losing her communication systems as well as power sources, on her approach to Cape Horn. Donna chose to head north to the Panama Canal to complete her circumnavigation on May 27th, landing on the dock at the Herreshoff Museum, where she departed from in July 2015. 

Donna is a USCG 100ton master captain, a professional nurse BSN, MHA/ED, the mother of four children and eleven grandchildren. She plays music professionally, has published two children’s books illustrated by Bonnie Blue, as well as has produced four CDs of her songs. She is presently penning her first book about her healing journey solo sailing the world. 

Thursday, May 19th, 2016: The Herreshoff Fish Class: 100 Years  

Presented by Alec Brainerd

As a teaser for the upcoming Classic Yacht Symposium, Alec Brainerd will present a section of his paper "The Herreshoff Fish Class: 100 Years." Alec will also have his Fish, SCULPLIN, at the Museum for viewing. 

This paper discusses the origins and history of the Herreshoff 16-foot Class (aka Fish Class) from 1916 to 1938, with particular emphasis on HMCo #816, SCULPIN.  It goes on to recount the later history and 2016 restoration of SCULPIN at Artisan Boatworks in Rockport, Maine, and the construction of a new Fish Class replica called TULIP. General sailing characteristics and identification of existing boats are also covered.

After many years working in boatyards as a shipwright and crewing on large classic yachts around the world, Alec, a Maine native, founded Artisan Boatworks in 2002.  He lives in Rockport with his wife and two daughters.  Alec and his family enjoy skiing and the Camden Snow Bowl in the winter months, and sailing their Sparkman & Stephens yawl NORA in the summer.  For more information about restorations and construction of new replicas at Artisan Boatworks, please visit www.ArtisanBoatworks.com.  (Photo courtesy of Luke Boelitz)

Hall Spars
Thursday, February 18
From Herreshoff to Hall Spars – 150 years of spar building in Bristol

Hall Spars & Rigging President and co-founder Eric Hall joins us to talk about the evolution of spar making in Bristol. He'll present a strong case for Bristol as the cradle of spar innovation from HMCo in the 1880s to Hall Spars today, and he'll share some of the cutting-edge work being done today by his company – not just in the marine space, but in the aerospace industry as well.


Photo Credit: The Mariner's Museum, VirginaThursday, January 21st, 2016
Faculty and Students from Roger Williams University on First Women in Sailboat Racing 

The talk will examine the role that women played in early sailboating racing in the America’s Cup. The talk will focus on four cases studies: Hope Goddard Iselin, Gertrude Vanderbilt, Phyllis Sopwith, and Susan Henn.

Presenters include: Dr. Charlotte Carrington-Farmer, Sean Carroll, Alexandra Guzman, Timothy Kelleher, Breanne Messier, Austin Richard, & Rebecca White


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