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Past Lecture Series:

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
Roger Taylor on L. Francis Herreshoff: Yacht Designer 

   Roger Taylor is a self-described boat nut. He's been messing around in boats (by hundreds) for 75 years, including a dozen designed by L. Francis Herreshoff and a few designed by N. G. Herreshoff and built at the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company. Among the latter is the Buzzard's Bay 25-footer Aria, now resident at the Herreshoff Marine Museum, which he owned, raced, and sailed from 1949 to 1959. 

   Taylor served in the U. S. Navy as a deck officer in a destroyer and a diesel submarine. He was a leader at the U. S. Naval Institute, the Navy's professional society and publishing arm, and founder and leader at International Marine Publishing Co. in Camden, Maine, where he published two of L. Francis Herreshoff's books, Sensible Cruising Designs and An L. Francis Herreshoff Reader. His biography of L. Francis Herreshoff is his eighth book.

   Taylor lives afloat with his wife, Kathleen Carney, in two boats depending on season: the Water Lily, a 31-foot Dutch, steel canal cruiser in France, and the Pelican, a 31-foot auxiliary sloop on the U. S. East Coast.

   L. Francis Herreshoff lived from 1890 to 1972, and, though not prolific, he designed yachts that will always be considered classics. Beginning his career in the shadow of his famous father, Nathanael G. Herreshoff, he emerged to become a designer who would come close to the perfection of form in yacht design. Despite his exquisite designs and wise, published writings on the subject, L. Francis never achieved the popularity of a John Alden or an Olin Stephens, yet his influence on yachting, now and in the future, deserves its place alongside those leaders. It is a purpose of this book to allow that possibility by presenting evidence of Francis Herreshoff’s genius for public judgment. 

Thursday, November 19th, 2015
Stan Grayson on A Genius at His Trade: C. Raymond Hunt and His Remarkable Boats

   In a presentation specially prepared for the Herreshoff Marine Museum, historian and writer Stan Grayson will talk about the life and work of Ray Hunt. He will examine some of the key formative events in Hunt’s life, discuss his extraordinary skills as a sailor, present an overview of several of Hunt’s most important designs and, finally, discuss which three Hunt designs can be considered most revolutionary in their impact on the yachting scene. Stan’s talk will be illustrated by a selection of photos from the book. 

   Stan Grayson is an historian widely known for his books and articles about American yachting and small-craft history, and the automobile and marine engine industries. He is the author of many articles and books. His work has appeared in Automobile Quarterly, Nautical Quarterly, and WoodenBoat, among other publications.  Among his books are Ferrari, the Man, the Machines, Cape Cod Catboats, and The Wianno Senior Story, a Century on Nantucket Sound.


Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Donna Lange: "Sail Twice Around: Non-Stop Sail around the World"

Photo by Billy Black
Presented by Donna Lange

On July 26th, 2015, Donna Lange will depart on INspired INsanity to solo sail around the world nonstop. Come listen to her story about her first trip around the world and how she plans to do it again. 

Donna Lange is not just a grandmother of 11—she’s a musician, songwriter, registered nurse, delivery captain, the founder of OceansWatch North America and one of the few American female sailors to circumnavigate solo. In 2007, Donna sailed around the globe and stopped twice along the way. Now she’s planning to again circumnavigate solo on her Southern Cross 28 Inspired Insanity, this time non-stop. She’ll leave Bristol, Rhode Island, in July and return in May 2016. Along the way she’ll raise funds for OceansWatch. To fund her trip, Donna is producing a CD and the book, Finding My Way in Song. - - Read More...

Photo by Billy Black

Monday, May 11th, 2015:

A Chat With Charlie, Team Alvimedica Skipper

Presented by Charlie Enright & Navigator Will Oxley

Monday, May 11, 2015 HHM lecture series presents: “A Chat with Charlie, Team Alvimedica Skipper”
Charlie Enright, our own Bristolian, skipper of the outstanding team Alvimedica, now on their way from Brazil to Newport will be our May speaker talking about his experience in the toughest sail race around the world.
Check-in begins at 5pm and talk starts promptly at 6pm Please note the time as it is different from previous lectures. Please sign up early as this will be a sold out event.

March 19th
Ask the Experts: 
An evening session on boat maintenance & more 

Join us on March 19th for a panel discussion with experts from Bristol's marine industry to discuss spring maintenance work, mistakes to avoid, and more. Including wooden and fiberglass boat maintenance, sails and rigging, painting, commissioning, boat insurance, and boat yard advice.

February 19th: "Wonderfully Modern HMCo: Insights that are Still Relevant for Today’s Business Leaders" presented by Arthur "Sandy" Lee

Volunteers at the Herreshoff Maritime Museum have been building a 1/6th scale, fully detailed museum display model of the great 1903 America’s Cup winner RELIANCE. At 37 feet tall and 34 feet long it promises to be one of the great large scale models in the world.
To build such a fine-scale model, the Team delved deeply into Herreshoff Manufacturing Company (HMCo) boat construction, customers, and business practices of the early 1900’s. They studied original construction plans, jigs and fixtures and business records, as well as reading contemporary journals and articles describing HMCo design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and administrative practices.
What is emerging is a fascinating look into a very high-tech advanced engineering and manufacturing business with practices that today’s businessmen would recognize as important attributes for their own success. The team has not only looked at individual business practices from marketing, design, manufacturing to aftermarket support, but also at how these functions were stitched together to create the best-known yacht building firm of its time.
Whether yachtsman, history buff, businessman, engineering or business student, or friend of the Museum, this lecture promises to be interesting and entertaining.

January 22nd: Llewellyn Howland III
The Annual Carlton Pinheiro Lecture

About the Book
Few twentieth-century Americans lived a more creative, event-filled, and often conflicted life than the Boston-born aviation pioneer and yacht designer W. Starling Burgess. Orphaned at twelve, Burgess received his first patent at nineteen, left Harvard, and, following the suicide of the first of his five wives, published a book of poetry at twenty-four. Among his children was the celebrated author-artist Tasha Tudor. 

Burgess was a personality of enormous charm, physical courage, and energy. He was also, as his son lamented, "a child who will not face hard facts, but will hide from them and will love the person who shields him from them." The tension between his personal and professional life had consequences both disturbing and tragic—and provides answers to questions, and insight into events, that cover the entire span of the twentieth century. Here, at last, is a book that cover the entire fascinating career of a genuine native polymath.


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